Gear List

To enjoy Sea Scouts at Bucklands Beach you will need the following:


Scarf & Woggle - Supplied at investiture
Cap, Blue Jumper and Blue Shirt - Bought from Uniform shop
Dark Blue Shorts, your school ones are probably fine
Dark Blue Socks, your school ones are probably fine
Black School Shoes

Sailing Gear

also known as wet gear

Wet shoes or Crocs or Sandshoes that will get wet. I use the cheapie crocs from the warehouse
Thermal socks for under the crocs in winter, works really well, doesn't look cool though
Beanie for when it is cold, cap for when the sun is out.
Wool or Fleece jumper, the Scout one works well, I buy end of season knitwear from Hallensteins
Windbreaker, nothing too flash, it is to keep the wind off, not to keep you dry
Nylon, poly prop or merino t-shirt, wet shirts don't work so well, cotton is no good
Board shorts for summer, fleece trackpants for winter, make sure they stay up

You might want a wet suit, but I prefer fleece and windbreakers now.

The Scouts need a change of clothes for after sailing.
Uniform is good

Camping Gear

also known as dry gear

Scout Uniform as above
Another beanie
Nylon tshirts and shorts, cotton takes too long to dry if they get wet.
Sleeping bag
Dry bag for your sleeping bag
Dry bag for your gear
Microfibre towel
Good quality rain coat for keeping you dry
Another woolly jumper or fleece (you need a dry one and a wet one)
Fleece track pants
Some tough shoes, that can get DIRTY
A sleeping roll or airbed, stretchers are too big for the hike tents

You can get a lot of the gear from A bit cheaper than Kathmandu or MacPac

Just ask a leader if you have questions. Most of us are doing it on the cheap...

Evan Lyon
Group Leader
576 5439