We meet

Wednesdays at the Ship, 32R Morrow Ave, Bucklands Beach Map
1830 - 2030

New Scouts

Once you have come along for a few weeks and decided to join us please fill out these two forms and bring them along to Scouts with your fees.

Application Form


Is available a couple of times a term, we will let you know when.
Jersey $70
Blue Shirt $50
Red T Shirt $25
Cap $12


Markus Spinnler 577 4446 bbssmarkus@gmail.com
Greg Cowan 265 1355


2018 Term 2 Programme

30/04/2018 6pm Group Night
02/05/2018 First night back
04-06/05/2018 Sanford Course
09/05/2018 Flag break and Parade protocol and etiquette
11-13/05/2018 Pio Pio Adventure Camp
16/05/2018 Woggle Making
20/05/2018 Winter Sailing
23/05/2018 Great Scout Bake off
30/05/2018 Lashings / Camp Gadgets
02/06/2018 Queens Birthday Weekend
03/06/2018 Winter Sailing
04/06/2018 Queens Birthday Weekend
06/06/2018 Extreme Edge Rock Climbing
13/06/2018 AI and RAMS forms
16-17/06/2018 Motuihe Tree Planting Weekend
20/06/2018 Splicing, Whipping and Rope Work
23/06/2018 Scout Swimming Sports Night
27/06/2018 Badge Blanket Night
04/07/2018 Last Night of the Term. Fire Night
08/07/2018 Winter Sailing
22/07/2018 Winter Sailing