New entrants and Keas are invested as Cubs usually on the first or second night. Although it is preferable for the new Cub to be in uniform (shirt, shorts, Jersey and socks) we realise that it is not always possible but would expect that every boy is in full uniform within 3 - 5 weeks. At the investing ceremony the Group provides scarf, woggle, badges and badgebook. Before the investing ceremony new Cubs are expected to learn the Cub Law and Promise and will be asked to recite this while being invested.

What We Do

We provide a programme within the guidelines of the Scout Movement for Cubs that is fun and action filled for 8 to 11 year olds. There are three Levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold and this forms the basis of our programme. There are also Interest badges and Cub activity awards ( Kiwi badges ) as extensions to the main award activities. We do not pressure - Cubs work at their own pace. We encourage and direct and find that the attempt, the action, the joining in rallies enthusiasm. Our personal aim is for every Cub to enjoy themselves and get as much out of their Cub years as they wish.

What We Expect From Cubs

  1. 1. To try and attend Cub night on a regular basis and make every effort to attend any special function or activity throughout the year.  ( We recognise that this can be difficult at times with other sports etc.)
  2. To wear the FULL uniform to Cub nights and keep it in a neat and tidy condition.
  3. To maintain a reasonable standard of behaviour, manners and attitude in keeping with
    their Law and Promise.

How Parents Can Help

We do need help with various activities and operate an informal roster system where we may call for help with transport or assisting on a craft night or some other activity. Any parent wishing to help out on a regular basis is most welcome. Please show an interest in your Cub's activities, as parent participation is important both at home and on Cub nights.


Bucklands Beach Cubs wear the Sea Scout uniform consisting of:

Notes on uniform

  1. Sea Scout navy is blue / black rather than Royal blue
  2. Bucklands Beach and Pigeon Mt. Primary school blue shorts are acceptable
  3. Scout white and activity red tee shirts are available from the Group
  4. Navy wool sea scout jersey ( not sweatshirt ) is available from the Group
  5. Name all uniform items

Various items of pre-loved uniform are sometimes available.

Group Scarf

Upon investment new Cubs will receive the Group Scarf and Cub Scout woggle. Those from Keas will retain their own scarf and be given a new cub woggle. Our group scarf is red in colour with a yellow band by its edge and has the Group Badge on the peak at the back. The Group badge comes from part of the Crest of the Buckland family who settled and farmed this area.

Cubs are expected to keep their scarf clean, named, ironed and neatly rolled. No other Group has a scarf like this - it is a special part of the Bucklands Beach Group Kea, Cub, Scout, Venturer and Leader uniform.


All badges awarded to Cubs are detailed in the Cub Badge Book and each Cub will be given his own book and group badges on investment. Details on where these badges and others are worn are shown on page 3 of the Badge Book. We do look for a standard in badgework, but forever recognise effort and attitude of individual cubs when making awards. We would ask parents to write a note or sign the Badge Book regarding any badges earned at home as often verbal communication is forgotten resulting in disappointment by a badge not being awarded.


A programme outlining events, activities and dates is posted on the web site at the beginning of each term. Leaders meet to plan the term to ensure a quality of programme is maintained. Follow-up reminder notices and permission slips are handed out for specific events such as camps and outings etc. and we would ask parents to note and diarise information and to return completed slips promptly to avoid missing out on the event.