We meet

1830 to 2000 Mondays at the Ship (32R Morrow Ave) Map


2018 Term 3 Programme

23/07/2018 Badge Presentation
30/07/2018 Giving Back to the Community
06/08/2018 Pot Creations
11/08/2018 Zone Camp Fire
13/08/2018 Pot Planting
20/08/2018 Recycled Tee Shirt Bags
27/08/2018 Making Derby Cars
03/09/2018 Fathers Pinewood Derby
10/09/2018 Marae Visit Edgewater
15/09/2018 International Dinner Saturday
26/09/2018 Wednesday Group Night!!


Formal Uniform
Worn all nights unless told otherwise

Activity Uniform

We open the shop a couple of times a term, we will let you know when

Jersey $70
Blue Shirt $50
Red T Shirt $25
Cap $12