Warm up run to walkway

Warm up run to walkway

Put your helmets on first!

Scooter to the end of the walkway and back

Keen Keas in action

Scout assistant Bradley helped to supervise and encourage the Keas.
Tracey handed out High fives…

Scout assistant Euan is in the water both as a lifeguard, coach and buoy?
Is Shouka coming or going?

Parent assistant keen to show where the Keas need to swim to…Richard as Life Guard on duty at midpoint of swim leg.

Keas get used to covering the distance swimming in lifejackets

Helen organizes water basketball game, Dianne, Euan and Steven supervising

Richard challenges the Keas to produce architectural wonders from materials at hand

The creative juices flowed ! The Judge cited many awards and bestowed the honours...

Keas ended with the traditional singing of Taps. “Day is done… Safely rest, .Keas goodnight."