You can find an introduction to Keas here 


Is available a couple of times a term, we will let you know when :-)

2018 Term 1 Programme

Meetings are 5:30 - 6:30pm at the Ship 32r Morrow Ave unless otherwise noted

Sunday 28th January

First we will be having a family fun day at SEE PORT for those of you that haven't registered please do so via OSM 

Remember full uniform or activity uniform with scarf to be worn 

Tuesday 6th February  

What better way to spend Waitangi day than with friends and family at Waitawa having a swim and a play on the kayakas.

Remember we are meeting out there between 10 am -2.30pm please for those that have not registered please do so on Via OSM so we can know numbers attending 

Monday 12th February 

First night back for the term we will be meeting at the ship to to have a catch up and talk about whats coming up for term 1 them we would like to take you for a swim down at the beach while the weathers good, if its not we will be at the ship playing activities. Parents are required to assist with your safety 

Monday 19th February 

We will be at the ship practicing our Kea yell and Motto and grande howl as we have Founders Day coming up this week on the 22nd and we want to show our best when among other groups.

We need you in your full uniform please 

Thursday 22nd February 

Founders Day as we celebrate the achievements of Lord Baden Powell and hear how his legacy remains in Scouting today.
Starts at 6.00pm at Stockade Hill and we walk to Crawford Reserve and will go till 7.20pm. Parents you are compulsory to attend if your child is there please 

Monday 26th February 

We are planing a Group event and hope one of our follow groups will join us for a water evening down at the devon road boat ramp playing around on the kayaks and the cutters.

Keas to meet at 5.30pm - 6.30pm Parents compulsory for your safety further information will be sent out  

We will need a few parents to help with taking boats and kayaks down to ramp so if you can assist please advise Hamish or Evan 

Monday 5th March 

We will be at the ship learning how to build bivvies with sticks and rope.

This is in preparation for our up coming camp sleep over 

Monday 12th March

We will be at the ship and we will require you to bring your full gear packs for camp for inspection for those of you that will be sleeping over. 

Further details will be sent out with the event invite on OSM 

Saturday 17th - 18th March  

Ya !!!! Camp Sleepover for Cubs as well as any brave Keas Location TBC but we will be near water having loads of fun.

For those of you that are not staying over  your are still welcome to come and join in parents must be present for this so you can have fun as well.

Details will be sent out with the event invite on OSM 

Monday 19th March 

NO keas as we will all be tired and recovering form the weekend 

Sunday 25th March 

Manukau Zone Raft Race - How awesome is this day going to be we will get to build a raft out of any materials you bring along to float on and we will see how good you are.then you will get to float on then at Cockle Bay beach this is a big event 

Further details will be sent out with the event invite on OSM 

Monday 26th March 

We will making easter eggs to hide for the Cubs to find later that evening.

Monday 2nd April 

​No Keas as the easter bunny would have been and you'll be having a long weekend  

Monday 9th April 

Last night of term we will be having a joint evening with our Cubs and playing a wide game.

We will be meeting at 6pm - 7pm 


Hamish Flynn 021 516 021 or 
Evan Lyon 027 405 0023 or